Our services

Water supply and sewage systems

We construct, automate, manufacture and repair equipment for plumbing and drainage facilities. more

Waste water treatment plants and sludge processing

We design, automate, manufacture and repair WWTP‘s from 5 PE to 150.000 PE and devices for the sludge processing. more

Telemetry and automation

Water supply systems, waste water treatment plants, sewerage facilities, heat substations, hydroelectric power plants, seismics, industry, etc. Rental and leasing of equipment. more

Electrical measurements

Measurements on working machines, installations, potential equalizing, and switching panels. more

electro design engineering

Elaboration of IP-PZI-PID for water supply and sewage systems, industry, building automation, etc. more


Supply, installation, maintenance of seismic equipment  and seismic monitoring. more

Geotechnical measurements and monitoring

Implementation of geotechnical monitoring, supply, installation and maintenance of equipment. Implementation of automated monitoring. more

Environmental measurements and monitoring

Groundwater level measurements and measurements of the river levels with the option of data transmission via GSM/GPRS network. more