Waste water treatment devices and sludge processing

Waste water treatment devices and sludge processing

Designing, manufacture and servicing of equipments:

Waste water treatment devices from 5 PE till 150.000 PE units:

  • Classic wastewater treatment devices,
  • sequential batch reactor SBR, 
  • membrane bioreactors (MBR), 
  • attached biomass in the MBBR system, 
  • systems with activated sludge AS;

Devices for the sludge processing: 

  •  stabilization, 
  • dehydration,
  • drying,
  • disposal;

Our advantages: 


  • reducing the cost of implementation, operation and maintenance, 
  • United local automatisation and telemetry, 
  • achieving greater energy efficiency, 
  • complete remote control over the operation of the facility, the " safety “mode,
  • signallising errors with SMS and e-mail messages, 
  • control the wear of equipment, 
  • control the flow and documented outflow of water, 
  • production of reports about the burden on water.